Whether you are seeking to maximize your selling price or would like to achieve a desirable rental rate, Louise is able to assist you. For the small budget you can achieve your goal.

Louise will flawlessly go through your home and give you suggestions as to how you are able to present beautiful curb appeal even to the most distinguished and demanding clientele. Using existing, and or rental, purchase of furnishings, art, plant hire, floral arrangements, coffee table books etc the photo ready styling will give a look that it is not just home showing look but a convincing environment to want to be in. More than the standard stark looks that one sees in property photos Louise will give you the edge over the standard room shots. Her experience is 5 star hotel styling and people pay high prices for room rates based on the image of the suites.

She has worked with architects to achieve the perfect result for the client. Nothing looks worse than a beautifully designed house with tasteless furnishings no matter how expensive they are.